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Volletnia's Origins

The history of the Kingdom of Volletnia is a story of triumph over tragedy. Begun as a simple story written by a 
daydreaming boy, the ideals and concepts of the Kingdom slowly became a reality. Highschool sophomore, James Friedrich wrote a story in 1977 titled "The Traveler King". In this story he described a modern Kingdom that was ruled in fairness and justice. A Kingdom where the promise of equality, liberty and brotherhood could exist in a modern world. Ruled by a monarch who decided not to rule on high, but among his people. Working a job as well as being King, he was able to relate and empathize with his people and affect change accordingly. That story lead to a number of follow up stories all within this fictional Kingdom of Volletnia. 

In 1978, the author James Friedrich, decided to put his fictional kingdom to a real world test. He gathered a number of friends and asked them to participate in the Kingdom of Volletnia. The first order of business was to select the King.
James was reluctant to take the crown for himself, and so offered the Crown to his father. Unfortunately, his father
refused citing his work schedule. So, with the blessing of his friends, James offered the Crown to his mother, Diana.
She accepted with glee and told the small troupe of friends that she would be Queen Loraine. She swore an oath to always put the needs of the Kingdom of Volletnia first. A wonderous Crown of cardboard and tinfoil adorned her head at the first meeting of the royal court where Her Majesty advised her citizens to find a project like cleaning up the street and keeping it clean. And that is what James and his friends did.

Many times did the Court meet and a great bond of friendship, comradery and a sense of community was formed. Queen Loraine ruled with humor, tact and ingenuity. But as high school wore on and James and his friends became older, the Court met less and less. Until, shortly after high school, the Kingdom appeared to have dissolved. And the Kingdom went dark from 1981 until 1987. 

In 1987, James found his stories as he was moving away from home and rereading them rekindled the Kingdom to life, even asking his mother, Queen Loraine, if she still wished to remain the monarch. Happily, she agreed, yet again. But this time the Kingdom became the basis for a D&D game that James hosted in his apartment. Many times Queen Loraine would even make an appearance, not to play, but to feed her loyal citizens. In 1989, James fell in love and his wedding planned, many thought the Kingdom would once again fade. But James' new wife was amazed by the stories and the idea of Volletnia.

So, after the wedding, the modest apartment became the Kingdom and it was agreed that Queen Loraine would continue as monarch. Stories were written. There was even a war with a neighbor who claimed he had a superior nation. Many nerf battles later, he conceded defeat. Queen Loraine asked that no spoils of war be taken, but instead, a joint BBQ be held to celebrate the new friendship. James and his missus had two kids and all was progressing smoothly. The first flags of Volletnia were made and flown. Currency was laboriously drawn by hand. Coins were planned, but never minted. The first draft of the Constitution of Volletnia was drawn up and adopted on October 20th, 1990.

The Kingdom of Volletnia and it's few citizens chugged along into the late 1990's existing only on James' apartment with Queen Loraine as Volletnia's monarch. Then, in the wee hours of April 17th, 1998, the telephone rang. The news was the worst news. James' mother, Queen Loraine, had died at the age of 56. The news shook the family and the tiny Kingdom.
During the week after Queen Loraine's funeral, James once again offered the crown to his father. Once again, he refused. James thought the Kingdom was truly gone. But his wife, Jacqueline, asked James to accept the Crown himself and truly run the Kingdom as the Kings from his stories. James accepted and on May 1st, 1998 became the second monarch of the Kingdom of Volletnia.

During his reign, James used his computer to rewrite the constitution and spell out more freedoms and guarantees of fair and free elections for the Government under his authority. New currency was designed and minted with the computer. On Facebook, The Kingdom of Volletnia was time and again mentioned on his personal page. Also, during this time, King James sought to increase the size of the kingdom and a house and land were purchased in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. James cared for each nook and cranny of his new Kingdom, building a great sense of pride not just in his home, but the Kingdom as well.
King James' reign into the 2000's was marked with the beginnings of spreading the message of the original stories and to give his friends and family a greater sense of kinship and community. But work and fatherly duties took much of his time and did not ever research Micro Nations or their community.

On December 31st, 2011, shortly after his 51st birthday, King James passed away quietly in his sleep. His wife, Jacqueline and his children were devastated and broken beyond repair. James was celebrated as a loving husband and father at his funeral and he was buried with his cardboard and tinfoil Crown. Jacqueline did not have any strength or wish to continue with the Kingdom and gave some of his stories and all his Kingdom of Volletnia files to his sister, Jami Lynn. With the support of James' friends and family, Jami ascended to the Volletnian Throne on March 6th, 2012. Taking the regnet name of Queen Loraine II, she strived to build on the structure created by her brother. From 2012 to 2020, the Kingdom existed on paper and in Queen Loraine II's house. Then in 2020, while surfing the web, Queen Loraine II found a story about a Micro Nation surrounded by another State of the USA. Spurred by the excitement that Volletnia was not alone, either on the North American Continent, but on the globe, Queen Loraine II has expanded the presence in the world by adding a Facebook page, The Kingdom of Volletnia, and a dedicated website,

Queen Lorraine II has reached out to a number of Micro Nations to establish friendship and perhaps diplomatic relations.
The future of The Kingdom of Volletnia is assured with the appointment of a Crown Princess, Roxanne, and Princess Kathryn and Prince Uruk. Queen Loraine II also expanded the Kingdom by claiming 28 1/3 Square Miles surrounding the Capital.
Truly, the dream of a greater, gentler community dedicated to equality, justice and the rule of law started as a simple piece of literature has been willed into life and is growing. The number of citizens as of April 1st, 2021 numbers 70 and climbing. The Kingdom of Volletnia may be only a Micro Nation, but we are growing and spreading the love for decades to come.

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